Section 4 states:
“All Service members (officer and enlisted) will receive role-based (i.e., All Service Members, Combat Lifesaver, Combat Medic/Corpsmen, and Combat Paramedic/Provider) initial entry TCCC training and certification as outlined in the Joint Trauma System’s TCCC Skills List. All DoD-EC personnel will conduct initial TCCC training and certification prior to deployment. TCCC training will replace the core trauma skills currently taught in Service- specific first aid and self-aid buddy care courses. Military Services may have additional non-
trauma medical training requirements.

4.2. All active duty Service members, and some DoD-EC personnel as defined by job or unit, will complete TCCC recertification every 3 years. All personnel must complete refresher training within 12 months before deployment (those who have completed initial certification or have conducted a recertification course within 12 months before deployment will count as having completed pre-deployment refresher training). The Secretaries of the Military Departments, with the support of the Director, DHA, will establish refresher programs to ensure
proficiency on the appropriate role-based TCCC list of skills in accordance with the certification level of each individual or group, and will maintain a unit level refresher training roster.
4.3. At a minimum, all RC members must complete TCCC certification, recertification, or refresher training within 12 months before deployment. Military Services should consider implementing the triennial recertification requirement for RC members assigned to rapidly deployable units.
4.4. Coordinate with the Director, DHA to establish refresher training courses tailored to individual Service mission requirements.”