Strategic Medical Training, LLC provides specialized emergency medical training to public safety and military personnel from various agencies to include EMTs, Paramedics, Fire, Police, Sheriffs, SWAT, and military tactical teams.  Our staff are veteran law enforcement officers, military operators and medical professionals who have walked in your boots and speak your language.  We have a genuine interest in seeing you survive and thrive in any life-threatening medical situation on the street, in the field, or on the water.

Additionally, we provide American Heart Association-certified CPR courses and Basic, Advanced, and Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support to staffs of visiting nurse / home care agencies, schools, daycare providers, and other groups desiring this training.

Our current course offerings are below.  We can come to your location as a mobile training team, or provide training at one of our facilities in eastern Virginia, New Jersey, or the New York City region.  Our courses are tailored to your mission set, and can be scaled and modified to align with various levels of fitness, medical ability and medical knowledge.

To get started, call (917) 763-0350 or e-mail us at for further information and pricing.

Click for National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Official Position on Tactical EMS ntoa-4c-logo_r

Also, one stop shopping for all of your tactical medical equipment including all Committee for Tactical Combat Casualty Care Tourniquets, Quickclot and other essentials. E-mail with a list of equipment needs to get a customized quote or complete the form below

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